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This twink slut should have been grateful he was allowed to at least lay on the mat. Otherwise, it was a very humiliating outdoor enema session, with risks of being seen going through the roof. The thin, sexy, obedient boy took everything which was in store for him. His boypussy was sore in the end from the hard, coarse funnel. His colon was hurting from all the loads of water he had to take. His mind was full of fear of being seen in this less than honorable position. But he took everything as a blessing.

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It`s hard to find sexy boys who welcome just about any sort of kinky play, but once you do, it`s a pleasure ride all along from then. This muscled sweetheart was really looking forward to getting an enema from his long-time crush. This was the kind of crush who could do anything. He loaded the submissive twink`s ass to the brim and put diapers on him. The naked victim of enema play struggled to hold the load for as long as he could, but pretty quickly he simply had to discharge it – along with some bowel waste.

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The boy was having one of these days, you know. Everything just seemed perfectly boring around. He just needed some very special experience. He remembered what he had read about erotic enemas and it gave him an immediate buzz in his pants. He was so into sex but enemas, that was something unexplored. What the hell? He quickly built an arsenal: a bottle, a jar, and a funnel. Feeling filthier than ever in his life, he plugged his asshole with the water-filled bottle and enjoyed the very special sensation of getting filled. The liquid ended up in the jar and it was so unusual to think he had had this inside of him!

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The boy had been trying to come up with a way to please and entertain his Master in a whole new way for it felt like a week. Finally he came up with something really cool. His Master didn`t have to do a thing. The boy got a funnel and a bottle of milk, then he pulled his knees up to his face, and started feeling his pooper with the cold white liquid. The sensation was unearthly. He was trying really hard not to spill a drop, and he didn`t. Soon he couldn`t take another drop and submission blended deliciously with the discomfort of the enema. In a few seconds he was squirting the milk all over the tray.

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The more refined and special the pleasure, the more chance there is to get addicted. This boy is obviously on his way to becoming an absolute enema slut. He didn`t even have the nozzle on his shower pipe anymore, using it for filling his filthy ass until he couldn`t take any more. In fact, an enema was quickly becoming part of his morning ritual. The discomfort with the ensuing release gave him an adrenaline kick to last through the day. He also loved the clean, purified feeling in his wet asshole. In fact, his lovers loved it as well, very much so!

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This entire Pepsi generation thing can sometimes get quite literal. This kinky twink creature liked his soda so much he wanted to have fun with it like never before. Well, you can guess what happened, right? With his asshole pulsing with desire, the boy got on his back, lifted his knees as high as he could, and jammed the soda bottle right into his tender hole. The big bottle wasn`t full but the boy did not stop until it was empty, which was quite a lot. Satisfied with being filled and uncomfortable with taking such a large amount, he felt his colon explode with sweet sticky juice all over the place…


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A kitchen can hold many surprises, but how about a needy, pervy boy stuck right at the sink trying to fill up his colon as much as he can? Apparently that bottle of water was too much of a long, hard, liquid-filled temptation to resist it. He pushed the bottle deeper in there squeezing it and moaning slightly as he could feel his cavities being overloaded. Engorged, his asshole squirted out a few streams. Things took a wilder direction as he took hold of the funnel and frantically loaded himself with just more water, gushing unclean loads only seconds after.

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